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About Us

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Tastlé USA is currently carrying an established European product across the Atlantic. The Tastel staff is responsible for providing the highest quality coffee to the states.          

Before bringing Tastlé to the US, our company did extensive research on the preferences of the American people to provide the best taste, aromatic, and flavor to the US market. 

From the wide variety of Tastlé products, a select few of roasted blends were chosen to represent the Tastlé line of coffee products. Based on our test results, we are sure that the choices that you have is your own satisfaction.

Tastlé brand coffee is always brewed using the best quality roast and the purest natural spring water. We have two plants located in Europe which fall under strict EU guidelines for health, hygiene, and quality control. The European guidelines for coffee products are significantly stricter than the US guidelines, which in itself ensure that the product meets all US FDA requirements.

Kosher Certification

Tastlé Coffee is certified 100% Kosher by the Union of the Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, under the strict guidelines of Rabbi Eliyahu Safran. The OU Kosher symbol signifies that the OU supervises kosher food, the OU sends a mashgiach (supervisor) to the production facility to ensure that the product complies with halacha (Jewish law).